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Booking Terms and Conditions.

Please take time to read our terms and conditions. These have been set to ensure The Hideaways continue to offer a high standard accommodation to each visiting guest.

When you book there will be a 'Booking deposit' (50% of your due bill) and upon final payment there will be a 'Housekeeping and Breakages' deposit which would normally be returned to you in full within 2 weeks of your stay unless deductions are required for reasons as stated below. 


Guests must take good care of the property, keep it clean and tidy throughout their holiday and leave it clean and tidy upon their departure.  If our cleaners need to spend extra time cleaning the property after you leave then we will seek reimbursement from you within 14 days of your departure from your Housekeeping Deposit. Any remaining deposit will later be refunded to you.

Any breakages must be reported to us as soon as reasonably practical and we will seek reimbursement from  your Housekeeping Deposit if we see fit to do so.

The lead name on the booking form (the Party Leader) is held responsible for the behavior of the party and for the condition in which the property is left at the end of the stay.

No change in the identity of any member of any party booking a property may take place without our prior written consent.

The Party Leader must be over 18 and the ages of any member of the party under the age of 18 must be accurately disclosed on the booking form.


Check in is not before 4pm unless prior arrangements agreed. Check in is not after 23;00 unless prior arrangements agreed (farm gates will be locked after this time).

Check out is strictly before 10am on standard bookings this is to allow us to thoroughly clean and prepare the Hideaway to the highest standard for out next guests. Late departures will result in an additional fee to cover changes to cleaning team arrangements.

Late check out is only available when agreed and purchased in advance and permits a stay until no later than 11pm. A late departure after this time will result in an additional fee from Housekeeping Deposit to cover changes to cleaning team arrangements.


Hot tubs can not be used after 09:00 on day of departure (or after 10:00 if late check out purchased) this is to ensure that they can be fully drained, cleaned, re-filled and heated ready for our next guests. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We would kindly ask that you follow and observe the Hot Tub Rules stated in the information sent on booking. If you do not adhere to these rules this can result in extra cleaning and replacement filters and this cost will be taken from your Housekeeping Deposit within 14 days of your departure.


On making a booking more than 8 weeks before the start of the holiday a non refundable deposit payment of 50% of the rental cost will be required.

Not less than 8 weeks before the start of the holiday the remaining balance of the rental cost must be paid. If we do not receive payment by that date, you will be in breach of these conditions and may forfeit your booking.

If you book within 8 weeks of your holiday the whole of the rental cost must be paid when the booking is made.

Rates quoted are subject to availability and alteration. A contract is formed, between ourselves and the Party Leader when we send written confirmation of the booking to you.


Each property is offered only on the understanding that no more than the maximum number of people as indicated in the property details shall use it. We reserve the right to refuse or curtail any booking where it subsequently transpires that information has been withheld from us either by numbers in the party or its composition and no refund will be given.


We reserve the right to charge for any damaged or missing items and for any other than normal cleaning being necessary following your stay (min £20). If payment for your stay has been made by debit or credit card these details will be used for these charges.

If any deep cleaning is required we reserve to charge any additional cleaning fees to your credit/debit card within 14 days of your departure.


Linen and towels are provided and beds are made up on arrival. Please do not use our towels as face wipes, make up removers, or for cleaning. Where we consider unnecessary damage made then deductions will be taken from Housekeeping Deposit. 


The sum of £200 is required when your final balance is due.  This is to cover any extra costs incurred by us as a result of additional cleaning / repair / replacement of broken items including furnishings, lost keys, kitchen equipment, crockery, glass, bedding, towels damaged or soiled other than usual wear of tear by your or members of your party.  Where such costs exceeds  £200 we will inform you in writing within 14 days of your departure and you will be liable for the balance within 14 days from the date of notification. 


No liability is accepted in respect of loss or damage to the client or any member of the party, their baggage, car or contents, resulting from riot, war, strikes, pandemics, adverse weather conditions, sickness or injury or for loss or damage by a third party. This does not exclude liability for the actions of employees, agents or subcontractors of us as the holiday home owners. We strongly recommend that you take out your own holiday insurance cover.


If, upon arrival you feel that there are reasonable grounds for complaint about your holiday home we must be contacted immediately so that, if possible, appropriate action can be taken during your stay. If a reason for complaint shall arise during your holiday, you must similarly contact us as soon as the problem arises. No complaints will be considered after completion of your holiday, unless they were raised when they arose.

Whilst everything will be done within our power to attend to repairs to properties/furniture/equipment/facility that may be faulty or fail during your holiday, no guarantees will be given and no refunds will be granted should any breakdown occur and not be immediately rectified.

Any maintenance issues should be reported to contact email or phone contact as per details within the booking confirmation email as soon as the issue arises.


The property owner, his/her representative, must be allowed access to the holiday home at any reasonable time for essential maintenance or annual Quality Grading inspection. Wherever possible prior arrangements will be made.


We do not provide holiday cancellation insurance and we strongly suggest that you take this out independently.

Once a booking has been accepted by us, it can only be changed by treating the original booking as a cancellation.

In the event that you have to cancel your holiday you must notify us immediately in writing/email. Cancellation only takes effect when we have received written confirmation.

If you do cancel then you are still liable for payment:

Less than 1 week from booking date 100% payment required

Less than 2 week from booking date 85% payment required

Less than 4 weeks from booking date 50% payment required

Less than 8 weeks from booking date 20% payment required

Cancellations with more than 8 weeks notice can receive a full refund.


In the unlikely event that your holiday accommodation becomes unavailable, for whatever reason, we will offer you an alternative solution of at least equal standard, if at all possible. We shall not be under any other liability.

Covid-19: We recognise the difficulty in now purchasing holiday travel insurance that will cover Covid-19 and consequently we have decided that if we are forced to close due to the government lockdown then we will issue a refund for the balance payment and a voucher equivalent to your initial deposit, enabling you to make another booking within 12 months or your original stay.  If you do not book with us within 12 months of your original stay you will forfeit your deposit.


We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any lost property left behind at the end of your stay. Whilst we will make every reasonable effort to return lost property this will only be done on receipt of a minimum payment of £10 to cover the cost of packaging and registered post. Any larger items will be charged at the postage rate plus a £5 packaging and handling charge.


Payments can only be made online via debit or credit cards.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information given either orally or written and all representations are made in good faith, no such representations will create any liability on the part of ourselves.


As our Hideaways are available all year round, you may find that there is necessary maintenance, development or refurbishment work taking place during your visit. We will endeavour to keep any noise and inconvenience to a minimum.

Farming Disturbances:

Where as most will very much enjoy to see the work of Horwich Farm that may occur in nearby fields we recognise that some may see this as an inconvenience. Unfortunately no compensation will be available for any possible disturbance made from the farmers.


Please refer to our Internet Usage Policy on booking information. 


Some of the data gathered during the course of a booking may be held on a computer. We would like to hold this data after your visit to be able to inform you of future offers. If you would prefer us not to hold this information please let us know.


All our properties are a strictly no-smoking establishments. Guests wishing to smoke are requested to do so outside, but not in open doorways and disposing of cigarette butts in the outside dustbins. Please note that guests not complying with this will be asked to leave the property immediately and no refunds will be given. They will also be liable for a deep cleaning fee of the property.

Should anyone not observe any of the above terms and conditions, the proprietors reserve the right to cancel and terminate the booking at any time and retain any monies already paid for subsequent nights.

These terms are set to protect our small and growing business and so that we may provide optimum conditions for all guests.   

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